14th Annual Zoowalk for Autism Research
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Welcome! For those of you who are new to the Annual Zoowalk for Autism Research, each year I set up a team for this very special event. It is a wonderful way for us to come together, enjoy the beautiful weather, and participate in making a difference for the autism community. This annual event is a very special event for me. My family and friends come to support my loved ones who have autism. I love seeing the people that I care about the most come together to enjoy a fun time in an accepting, welcoming environment. 

I have the honor to be part of real life change for many individuals with Autism, as well as their families. While my services and support have a huge impact on quality of life from a social, cognitive, and emotional standpoint- - individuals with Autism often have medical challenges that contribute to the severity of their symptoms. In turn, symptom severity impedes on one's ability to focus, communicate, relate, and participate in daily life activities.  

The severity of symptoms can be minimized through the biomedical interventions that Arizona State University and the Autism Research Institute are working on through their research and collaboration. For the past 14 years,  Arizona State University and the Autism Research Institute have done a fantastic job supporting the Autism community through their invaluable biomedical research. 

Funds raised this year will go to support 4 major studies, including:
1) Treatment Effectiveness Survey – to determine which treatments are the best for different symptoms.
2) 2nd GI Treatment Study- this will be a follow-up to our previous highly-successful study of a new treatment for gut problems in individuals with autism.
3) Healthy Child Guide:  this project is aimed at developing advice for families on how to prevent autism and other neurological problems.
4) Mom’s Study – a new study on how to evaluate and treat metabolic problems in mothers of children with autism, to improve their health and prevent future cases of autism. 

For those of you who may travel to be at this year's walk, please contact me and I can give you hotel recommendations. :-) 

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What: 14th Annual Zoowalk for Autism Research
When: Saturday October 13, 2018 at 06:30 AM

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