15th Annual Zoowalk for Autism Research




We invite you to attend the 2019 Zoowalk for Autism Research on Saturday, October 05th, which is a family fun event for all ages that raises money for important research at ASU!

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Many thanks to our 2018 supporters! Thanks to their help we made major progress last year, including:

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Treatment Study:  Published a paper demonstrating major improvements including 7 point gain in non-verbal IQ, and 18 month gain in developmental age
  • National Treatment Survey:  Submitted our paper on benefits and adverse effects of psychiatric and seizure medications
  • Gut Treatment Study:  Completed a 2-year follow-up on our original study participants, showing major long-term benefits.  
  • Gut Treatment Study for Adults:  Started recruiting for this new study.
  • Mom’s Study:  Identified several major risk factors for autism

Please help us continue this important work in 2019! This year our research includes:

  • National Treatment Survey:  Analysis of the effectiveness of many nutritional supplements
  • Gut Treatment Study for Adults:  Continue this new study
  • Gut Treatment Study for Children:  Start another treatment study
  • Yeast Levels in Autism:  Investigate yeast infections and their effect on autism symptoms
  • Mom’s Study:  Investigate additional risk factors, including hundreds of metabolites, gut bacteria, toxic metals, and more.
  • Prenatal Vitamin/Mineral:  Release our report on the optimal level of each vitamin and mineral in prenatals, based on over 350 studies.

Please support this research by donating to the Zoowalk for Autism Research!    



James B. Adams, Ph.D.

Director, Autism/Asperger's Research Program at

Arizona State University    

President, Autism Society of Greater Phoenix

President, Autism Nutrition Research Center 

Chair, Scientific Board of the Neurological Health Foundation                



Top Indiividuals

Rank Name Amount
#1 Dawn W. $10,000.00
#2 Joaquin C. $2,525.00
#3 Rosa C. $1,406.00
#4 John C. $1,375.00
#5 James A. $1,075.00

Top Teams

Rank Team Name Amount
#1 Adams Family $4,330.00
#2 GPW and Associates $3,050.00
#3 Piller Child Development $2,025.00
#4 Hope- Faith - and Love $1,685.00
#5 A Brighter Avenue Autism Preschool $1,445.00

"We are so eternally grateful to Prof. Adams, ARI/ASU and all of the people who helped in this study. We sincerely hope that someday all children with ASD and moderate to severe GI issues are able to obtain a mictobiota transfer to help them improve their lives as well… By the way, he no longer misses school and

is excelling there too! " ~ Ethan's mom


“After the BTT treatment he has continued to improve, his interactions, awareness and everyday quality of life continues to improve. Today is Andy's first day at work, he has a job coach through Vocational Rehab, this is such a big step.”  ~ Andy's mom



















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